Beth Mendez Arts
Beth Mendez is an international performing artist, instructor and choreographer. Specializing in Latin America culture, traditions, music and dancing. Actress trained under the techniques of Jerzey Grotowski, Stanislavski, Bertold Brech and Antonin Artaud.

In Belly dancing studied the techniques of: Amira Mor, Neon, Bozenka and Tito Seif. Creator of the network show “El Arte y sus Caras”, broadcasted by T02 Network. Writes the blog " Diopolo the two Faces of Art "

Beside her love for arts, Beth is also passionate for Human Rights, she is a founding member of “Nukanti Foundation for Children” an independent international non-profit organization, devoted to investing in education, healing and hope for children, particularly in communities devastated by violence, poverty and armed conflict.