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Theater, music, dance, film, painting, sculpture, photography, literature, poetry, art history and more.


"When I dance, I dream.
When I dream, I dance."

In belly dancing, Beth studied the techniques of Amira Mor, Neon, Bozenka and Tito Seif. She is the creator of the network show “El Arte y sus Caras”, broadcasted by T02 Network. She also writes the blog "Diopolo the two Faces of Art "

Beth Mendez
The many faces of arts


"Journey Through La Venezuela Que Llevo Dentro"

El nacimiento de mi ultimo sueño: una puesta en escena dedicada a mi amada Venezuela. It is...

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Alma llanera, Venezuela dance

"Tierra De Gracia" at the Gateway International Food & Music Festival

The past September, Tierra De Gracia performed in the Gateway International Food & Music...

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actress bellydancer actress bellydancer

My last photoshoot with BreeAnne Clowdus.

Video from my last photoshoot with BreeAnne Clowdus. Makeup by Jessica Mills. What an experience!

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